Another correct answer counter question

So I’d like there to be a counter that displays how many times they have correctly solved an equation (or attempted an equation). I already have a working slide with randomly generated equations and the solution/student input to match: solving linear equations - with correct answer counter button • Activity Builder by Desmos

Is a correct answer counter possible to have if these are randomly generated equations/answers? I looked at Jay’s “CL Scavenger Hunt Example 31” as a starting point and played with that coding on my task, but have no idea even if that coding will work on my slide (it’s on Slide 2).

Thanks for checking out my question!

I think, if there’s a graph component on your screen (there is), Jay’s way might be better than what I’ve been doing.

I’ve done what you’re think about by hiding the “try another” button until they get it correct.

hidden: not(input1.numericValue=note.script.d and input1.submitted)

Then, the counter is just that button’s pressCount.

Multiple examples here:

I’ve been playing with your coding and have no idea how to use your notes/button coding for my equations note/button. Would I need to use a hidden graph if I’m defining the variables in the note?

Jay might jump in here, since he’s the expert :slight_smile:

But, if you use my method, you just need to put something like

successCounter = button3.pressCount

in your currently blank note, and then call that for the counter.

One downside of my method is that the students get an answer correct, but it doesn’t get counted UNTIL they press that button. Jay’s way is tied to the submit button on the input, so it gets counted immediately. But, it looked to me like you wanted them to hit the submit button and then get feedback - so if it’s incorrect, that’s hard to do.

I guess… I haven’t played with the capture sink having conditionals? Maybe you can tell a button to only capture a variable if a condition is met…

I was able to find another task that was more like what I have and used that coding/formatting for my slide.

Thank you for your suggestions/help - I appreciate it!

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Could you post what you found? I’d be curious how others are solving this problem! Thanks!

I found a post with this task: Practice Differentiation Exam • Activity Builder by Desmos

Slide 2 uses the coding that works for what I need.

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