Counting Correct Answers on a Randomized Question (Multiple Choice)


I have created a question with randomized graphs that students mark the associated parent function to go with. They can then click to try another one. I’d like to have a tally of questions tried and questions right appear on the screen. Is this possible? I have found it with individual inputs, but not multiple choice. If it is possible, any explanations on how to do it (so when I try this with future problems I can do it myself) would be appreciated!

Here’s what I have so far.
The slide in question is Slide 2.

I added in a capture command to the button, so that it would capture a 1 or 0 when clicked, depending on if the answer is correct. This history of the button is then sunk into a numberlist in the graph, where it is then totaled, and the result is pulled into the note. I wasn’t sure how you wanted to handle a wrong answer - do they only get the point if it’s the first guess they make? I added in a duplicate slide where it only allows one attempt each time and records if it is corect.

Thank you so much! I appreciate your taking the time to explain it. :slight_smile: