Any CL for students who type math on Sketch component?

I have most of my activities set up so students can check their answers by clicking a button. I have the button disabled until they have shown some work on the sketch layer.

          disabled: sketch1.sketch.strokeCount<5

Now that typing is allowed in this component, the CL only recognizes a pencil or line mark. I’m wondering if any CL exists for the mathtype or textbox that students can add to the sketch yet so I can add that to enable a submission? My current workaround is a “student moves” that says “If you choose to type your math, be sure to add some pencil marks until the button unlocks so you can check your answer.”

Additionally, it doesn’t recognize the mathtype/textbox when I try to pull from the previous sketch. When I have the following in sketch2:

        background: sketchLayer(sketch1.sketch)

the sketch is blank if the student typed their response instead of using the pencil.

Nothing yet, but stay tuned. we’re working on ways that will keep text and sketch separate so that there aren’t any weird behaviors (e.g. sketch transformations)


Hi Jay.
Hoping for an update. I’ve got same problem. Want to “reward” students for marking up sketch but currently can only count strokes. If they use the text tool, I have no way to check for this.

Other option would be for me to disable text tool on these pages but can’t seem to find that CL either.

Nothing new yet, but if you open the dropdown menu you’ll see checkbox options for the tools you want to allow.

Just checking in again on this - I have an activity where I want to allow students to build up a solution over a number of screens, and I would like it if they could write as well as draw on their sketch and have it carried over to the next screen. Could there be a “textLayer” or something that could also be referenced in subsequent screens?