Text Tool for Sketch?

I’m wondering if there is a text tool for sketch? I’m wanting my kids to give an example of a “slope triangle” and writing on the slide with the pencil using a trackpad is kinda ludicrous.

Here is a quick demo of how students could enter an equation into the sketch.
Entering straight text, you could use input rather than expression input.

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Sorry, currently no native text tool. Workarounds like above are an option.

I think I might be going nuts! When I look at the sketch in the above activity I swear I saw a text tool and equation tool show up on the sketch! I also see it on slide 2 of the Computation Layer Playground (Cat)
But I can’t replicate it! I can’t even get it to work when I copy and paste into another AB? Is this further evidence of my declining cognitive function or …???

Oh boy, you missed a crazy #desmosLive!!!

We released two features:

  1. Text in sketch
  2. Student image upload

But found a bug in text in sketch so had to take it down temporarily. Check back tomorrow!

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Looking forward to these updates! I resisted checking last night and went to check it first thing this morning.

Now that we do have these two new tools for sketch (text box and math box) will Computation Layer be extended to allow them to be the initialTool?

For instance if I wanted students to label a diagram with key features, it might be nice to have something like

initialTool: sketchTools.textBox      # this doesn't work 2021-02-27

(I have included the comment in case someone just googles and finds this code chunk thinking that it is the actual implementation.)


Yeah! Text tools! I was able to use the new tools on Friday with my students, but the copy previous doesn’t work with text.

We’re thinking up some solutions for that atm. I’ll post here when it becomes available.


Anyone else not see the image upload option?

Sketch Text appears fine for me but not image upload…

Yeah- I don’t see image upload either. Just Text and Math (for new ones)

Turns out you have to enable it in Labs.

Not sure why that would be when the new Sketch tools are natively enabled but there you go


So… it’s been a year now with the text option in sketch, but text still won’t copy to the next component as a background.sketchlayer

•What’s the status of this fix?

I found this request on 7 other threads...

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It’s not a feature yet. Stay tuned!

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