Area Model for Multiplying Linear Expressions

Here’s my take on providing a way for students to self-check while practicing how to multiply linear expressions using the area model. This is my first time really developing anything using CL so feedback would be great. There is sooooo much I don’t understand about CL but also sooooo much I learned from others using the discussion board.

Anyway, here it is and thanks in advance for taking a look.

Well done. Some feedback:

  1. For the labels of the points students are moving around (and the expression), you can use backticks to have it display as latex. I personally would like to see them the same size as the areas that pop up when students check answers.

  2. You could avoid the tolerances checks, by setting the steps on the sliders of the coordinates to 1 (or 0.5), then when students move the points they’ll snap to those increments.

I made those changes and it looks better. I especially like the way the expressions snap to the points. I think that will make it easier for students. Thanks for all of your help. Many of the activities I looked at to create this were contributions you made to this board. I appreciate it.


Thanks. I think I’m on here way too often. :joy:
I do like to help, and I often learn things from trying to figure out others’ problems.