Big Curly bracket

How can I get the big curly bracket in the math type option like below


I’m interested on others responses here. I’ve found some resources that use an array like this:
Matrices and other arrays in LaTeX.

I also write/copy questions into platforms like Canvas and this is continually a struggle to make it look neat.

Do you mean in a note component?

I’ve created things that handle Piecewise Function representation in notes. You’ll find that here: Piecewise Expressions in Notes | Component Based Approach

I’ve also created something for Augmented Matrices, but it’s not ready to be shared just yet. But here’s what it looks like:


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yes please. I am trying to type a system and group my system by one large curly brace in front of both equations.

Sounds good, when I get some time I’ll get back to working on that