Is it possible to create piecewise expressions for notes

I am working on an activity with systems of inequalities, but the same basic question applies to piecewise functions. Is it possible to produce something that looks like this

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 7.14.38 PM

I need to be able to use this in both notes and answer choices for the multiple choice component.

Thank you in advance.

This comment on the MathQuill GitHub page says that it is not possible yet (although it’s from 5 years ago. Unless someone else has a better workaround (maybe @Mike_Gleeson?), you might have to use screenshots and upload images.

Thank you for responding. The large brace seems to be the biggest stumbling block.

However, if I dispense with the brace, it seems that programming the answer choices to display multiple equations/inequalities is straightforward.

For example, the CL can be used to reproduce the above combination of inequalities in the multiple choice components:

Thank you again!

To my knowledge this isn’t possible in Desmos.

However there is a Learnosity fork of Mathquill that not only supports \cases but also matrix representations. I know a lot of people would really appreciate it if Desmos worked from this fork(or equivalent) to implement in Activities.

@eli_desmos @Jay

In the meantime I’ve been leaning more towards creating component driven Activities modules. One of those will be a piecewise function thing so I’ll post about it when that’s done.

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I’ll be very interested to see it when it’s done. Please keep us updated.

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I’ll have something ready for this in the coming week or so.

Just giving it a test run this week and fine-tuning. Just an fyi.

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I posted this under the Examples but I’m not sure how those posts are organized so I thought I’d reply here. This component will visually render such expressions in a Note. Looks like this:



  • Table based input
  • Supports up to 4 branches
  • Graphs the resulting expressions
  • Optionally color codes branches for visualization support

By component here I mean something anyone can copy and paste the screen into a project and it “just works”.

Hope it helps!


This is really AMAZING and very helpful. Thank you for working on this!

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