Bold text doesn't display as bold

I’ve run into this before, and it’s finally driving me crazy enough to ask. Why are the words “discrete” and “continuous” not bold on the preview, but when I click into the text in the editing they are definitely marked to be bold. Help, please! Thank you!

I’ve noted this issue with Firefox before, though Chrome worked fine. What browser are you using?

Firefox is the culprit, and continues to do it to this day.

The fault lies more with Desmos’ css reset - or lack thereof in this particular aspect - than Firefox, as Firefox’s user agent stylesheet more closely follows the css specification than does other browsers(read more here: Firefox’s `bolder` Default is a Problem for Variable Fonts | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks).

If you really really want to get that bold showing with complete cross browser compatibility, you can wrap your word in latex and bold it that way:


Not really recommended but it’ll get you there.

Thanks for the work-around!

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