Bounds on Full Screen Graph

Inside Graph CL:

And I’m getting this error:

What do I need to adjust?
Will full-screen graph completely override my bounds code? Will it at least start on this bound?

I think this warning is showing because your bounds are dependent on the numbers from the graph component. I’m guessing this is shown because a student could manipulate the expression list and mess up what you want to have accomplished. Two things to “fix” this:

  1. If you want the bounds to go from -10 to 10 for both axes, just try this:
bounds: makeBounds(-10, 10, -10, 10).squareCenterHorizontal
  1. If that was just an example and the bounds will be dependencies, then insert a hidden folder to the expression list with the variables already defined so that the students can’t change them up on accident.

I took out the CL area to define the variables for the bounds.
Put them in a hidden folder inside the graph.
Still get the same error. BUT this is a better approach because:

  1. On the first graph, if a student did the cogwheel to “reset” the graph, then a rectangle that depended upon these variables disappeared. (If they left the activity and came back in to “continue”, then the rectangle reappeared.)
  2. If I do the variables just inside the folder and not in the CL, then clicking “reset”: The rectangle doesn’t disappear. AND, when you click reset the bound actually updates. Whereas bound otherwise doesn’t really have an effect.

Hey Amber,

You should be able to have the window toggle based on the table cell being defined. Here is an excerpt from an activity I started building.

I wrote mine as if it were a camera that they turned on by typing “on” into the cell, but you could just as easily write a script that is based on the cell being blank. I hope this helps.

Here is a link to the activity it was used with if you want to look at the full code.

I hope this helps.