Screens size not matching

Hi! I edited a matching activity that was already coded. I keep editing the graph so it fits in the screen better, but it doesn’t show up that way in the student preview whether the activity is published or not. Any suggestions?

I think it keeps the same range of x values no matter how it’s displayed. It’s smaller on the actual preview screen, so the grid lines look different and there is a larger range of y-values included.

Also, it won’t change the graph bounds when you open the graph it to edit unless you change something in the expression list as well. So just change 1 number in your equation list and change it back to tell desmos you want the graph to actually update.

Hope that answered your question!

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Adjusting the bounds in graph does weird things. You can set your graph bounds in the CL.

bounds: makeBounds(xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax)

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@Daniel_Grubbs Perfect. That fixed it! Thank you!!

There are some other things you can do like center horizontally or vertically. If you look at the documentation under “Types” subheading “bounds”.

ok. thank you so much @Daniel_Grubbs

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Hi there - is there anything you can do to not have the frame of the image be square, but rather a rectangle?

In this slide: TEMP - Fill in the Blank • Activity Builder by Desmos
I’d love to have the image/graph not be as tall overall as it is.

Maybe the solution is just to move the submit button to the top so kids see it, but I figured I’d ask if there was any way to resize the graph. Thanks!

Not a feature as of yet, as far as I know.

That’s fair - thanks so much.

I would probably advise not using images as textual content for things like this - they’re not accessible to screen readers for one, but also flattening text like this creates a huge maintenance debt and runs into aspect ratio issues that are apparent when viewing the image in this activity.

Not using images for textual questions will also save you from the current issue you’re facing. It looks like you’re asking 3 separate questions here. Why not make it 3 separate Multiple Choice questions?

Divide and conquer and all that.

You make a good point. I was trying something new with the matching format, but I can certainly make it 3 multiple choice questions instead.