Box and Whisker Plot Error

Hi! I am trying to fix a coding issue that is causing a data set to produce box plot A. Any help would be appreciated!

that’s weird. doesn’t produce an error for me…

It is definitely strange. This is only happened to 3 out of 30 students.

For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed this sort of thing(small sample anomalies) in Activity Builder in other areas too. Doesn’t help I know but it’s a thing for sure.

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Hmm could you say more about what you were expecting? That box plot A is what I would expect from the second column of your table.

I ran a little simulation — when sampling 10 integers between 0 and 10, I’d expect to see “degenerate” box plots (where the whisker doesn’t extend beyond the box) about a fifth of the time. Outliers are rare, but not unheard of… Getting outliers from the same data that has a degenerate box happened 32 times out of 1000 for me.

Personally I would expect that when discluding outliers no outlier data points are plotted.
And if outliers are included they should not be plotted as open holes.

For me at least it’s how the data is being represented that is at issue.