Button Content Reset when Choice Select Changes

The button for checking the answer resets when the table value is changed, but I can’t figure out how to also make it reset when the operation selection is changed. Right now they can ‘check’, then jump back and forth between addition and subtraction and feedback jumping back and forth between check mark and “try again,” instead of having to ‘check’ again. Help?

Solving Equation Practice • Activity Builder by Desmos

Just one more part to add to the resetOnChange:

resetOnChange: "${button.pressCount}${choice.script.choice}"

To clarify the use of resetOnChange, it checks the string that’s been created as it’s parameter (in @cwinske 's example "${button.pressCount}${choice.script.choice}"). Whenever this string changes, the component will reset. So whatever you want to affect the reset should be included in your string.

So easy! I tried so many different things in the same spot, but didn’t find the choice.script.choice code in the CL documentation or other forum questions. Thank you!!

This looks like a great activity Sian. Do you have a link to your completed Activity?