Reset Button for Practice Set Questions


I would like to start incorporating practice set activities that follow an activity. I want students to be able to reset all the responses from screens 3 - 10 by clicking a reset button (on screen 13). What is the CL for this? Thanks!

As far as I understand, resetOnChange only works for sketch, math input, and button components. It works by looking for the change of a string. So you could for example put in a sketch CL:


… so when the Unsubmit button on Slide 13 is pressed that string changes, thus resetting the sketch.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for tables, MC’s, graphs, etc.

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If you carefully construct dependencies using components that DO respond to “resetOnChange”, you can make it work. I’m still puzzling about how to make that work with multiple choice, etc…

Here’s sort of an example where only one component checks for resetOnChange: Write a slope-intercept equation from a graph • Activity Builder by Desmos

I don’t see what you mean. Every input in this example has a resetOnChange sink, not just one. They’re all triggered by the button press, but they need to have the sink to reset.

You can use any component change as a trigger, but you cannot reset any component. For example, if you had movable points in an initial position in a graph, there is no way to “reset” them. If a multiple choice component has no initial selection, once a selection is made, there is no way to reset it to deselect.

I only mean you might be able to construct dependencies in some way I haven’t figured out yet. But yes, my example is only that of having them chained together, not exactly what we’re trying to find. AND it’s really the notes that are just dependent on the MathText. … bah, bad example, perhaps.

I’m intrigued by the

Is there a way to set an initial selection, or am I misunderstanding what you mean here?

Not with the CL, but yes. If you preselect an option and don’t have an explain prompt, the option to “Always have a selected option” shows in the menu:

Oh right. Thank you!

My workaround: make an extra answer choice (“Reset”) that is revealed when the student is ready to practice the question again.

It works because on subsequent attempts, the choice “Reset” is both hidden AND selected, thus making it look like there is nothing selected.