Button to Generate from a List

I have a list of six or so equations. Students are to be given one randomly. I’m hoping to save time to just have them click a button and an equation shows up for them to work with, rather than me assigning them manually. How can I set up this?

Are you wanting them to get to a slide and a random equation will be there, or every time the click a button a new random equation will appear?

And by random, are you just wanting different numbers or differing equations all together?

They only have to do one so I guess go to a slide and a random equation will be there.
There are six equations that are completely different.

Something like this?

IT is thrown together but essentially it has three random equations that it will randomly call forwards and display. Every time you reload the slide from teacher screen, or every time you copy and paste it for an activity there is a 1/3 shot for one of those equations to show up, but even if it repeats the numbers are all different too.

Yeah! They don’t have to solve it, it’s rearranging equations in slope-intercept form. If I give you the equations, can you code them? I’m absolutely lost on how you did that coding.

Like going from slope intercept to standard, and standard to slope?

Here are the equations (I made it only 4 now)
2x + y = 3x - 7
3y + 2 = 2y - 5x
x + 2y = 3x + 4
2(y - 3) = 2x - 6

They’re supposed to write it in y = mx + b form

This should be what you are looking for