Resetting and re-randomizing problems when a button is clicked

This collection of domain and range problems are all randomly generated. When it comes to using these problems for a study guide I would like to try and create a button that they can press at the end that would do two things. First, it would reset all the inputs erasing all the student answers, and second it would somehow recall the randomization to basically create an entire set of new problems. Any thoughts on this?

I’m going to have to think about how you could erase student responses.

But as far as a button to randomize things here is an example that might get you going in the right direction.

I would love to have a “Reset all Inputs” button as well, or even a reset button for each element separately . I’ve created a very simple screen with sketch, math input and text input boxes. I would like to use it as a sort of digital student whiteboard that they can use to respond to a sequence of various questions, erasing their responses in between.