Can I create an xy table that evaluates for the OTHER column, regardless of the input?

Can I make a table, say, an xy table where the following occurs:

If I input a value into the x-column, the corresponding y-coordinate calculates according a formula determined by me?
If I input a value in the y-column, the corresponding x-coordinate calculates according to another formula determined by me?

The idea is, students can perform an algebraic maneuver that will either result in an x= or it will result in a y= (i.e., elimination method for solving systems) and I want the table to calculate the OTHER variable solution.

Working on my flexibility as a CL-er

Does something like this help?

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding your question.

I really like that and will incorporate if what I want isn’t possible.

Is there a way to get it to evaluate within the table? So inputting the x-value would populate the y-value and vice versa?

For tables, if you set content for a cell, you don’t have the ability to edit that cell. So, you don’t have the versatility to do what you’re saying in one table. Alternative, you could use two tables, one that will calculate y based on x, and a second the opposite.

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