HELP with Table

I am trying to have this table check students accuracy, but it’s open ended.

Can anyone help me with the computational layering?

Did you want 6x to be in the first cell and 7x to be in the cell below it? Or would you be fine with the student entering “6x+7x” all in one cell? This is coding for the latter:

#this prevents numbers computing to an answer automatically within the cell                   
cellDisableEvaluation(1,2): true
cellDisableEvaluation(2,2): true
cellDisableEvaluation(1,3): true
cellDisableEvaluation(2,3): true

#variables equal to the function and value
f1= simpleFunction("13x")
f2= 7

#variables for student input from the table
n1= simpleFunction(this.cellContent(1,2))
n2= this.cellContent(1,3)
n3= simpleFunction(this.cellContent(2,2))
n4= this.cellContent(2,3)

#set up "check" variables so that you don't have to repeat the conditions when you want to use it in multiple places
#check1 uses the evaluateAt command that matches with the simpleFunction code, it's wise to check with at least 2 values
check1= f1.evaluateAt(2)=n1.evaluateAt(2) and f1.evaluateAt(3)=n1.evaluateAt(3)
check2= f2=numericValue(n2)
check3= f1.evaluateAt(2)=n3.evaluateAt(2) and f1.evaluateAt(3)=n3.evaluateAt(3)
check4= f2=numericValue(n4)

#this gives the feedback to the students
cellContent(3,2): when check1 and check3 "✅" otherwise "" 
cellContent(3,3): when check2 and check4 "✅" otherwise ""

#this gives the checkmark in teacher dashboard view
correct: check1 and check2 and check3 and check4

I want students to come up with any two terms that will add to be 13x