Can I hide elements until ALL choices are selected?

I have really decided to crash-course myself in CL and I am loving when I can figure stuff out! My head is spinning with all the stuff I’ve learned in the last few days, but hoping I can keep the learning curve going strong because I’m in trouble if it continues to take me several hours to put together a few slides (which students will whip through in a few seconds, lol).

But anyway… so far I have this slide working just how I want it, in that as the 3 choices are selected, it shows that case on the graph. Ideally I would like to have the stuff under the choices (“In all 3…”) hidden UNTIL all 3 choices have been clicked. I can’t figure out a way to tell the “hidden” sink to basically tally up whether all 3 choices have been clicked or not. These are multiple choice images, not action buttons, which I think would be easier to work out. Any ideas would be appreciated! :grin:

Sounds like you just need to say something like setting all 3 choices selected to force showing. Something like this:

hidden: switch
switch = 
when mc.isSelected(1) and mc.isSelected(2) and mc.isSelected(3) false
otherwise true



Like this thing: Show Hide • Activity Builder by Desmos

Hmmm… @Mike_Gleeson, thanks for the help! That doesn’t quite work for my purposes here, because it requires the 3 choices to be simultaneously selected (and I have to make them selection boxes instead of multiple choice). I can’t have any 2 of them active at one time, since it doesn’t make sense and confused the graph… lol. This was definitely a handy bit of code to learn though! :grin:

I think that it does what you’re describing… maybe i don’t understand though.

The example above is a checkbox thing that shows only when all 3 are checked.
But are you saying that that part is ok but the graph is confused by that?

Maybe you can share the activity?

So, I want the hidden elements to show AFTER all 3 choices have been clicked on, one at a time. It does not work to have multiple choices selected at once, because they are showing mutually exclusive possible scenarios on the graph (f(a) DNE, f(a) exist not =L, f(a)=L). There is a variable in the graph that makes that work, but it only works if one option is selected at a time, whereas the hidden/not hidden code only works if they are ALL selected at once.

Here is the activity, and my original slide is #4. I tried your approach on #5. You can see what the issue is. :thinking: (NOTE this is very much still a work in progress! Definitely ignore the other/unfinished slides :crazy_face:)

Thanks again for your help!

Ahhh, i understand.

What you’re really looking for is something like mc.selectCount which isn’t a real thing.
More to the point, i think you’re trying to use the mc component to cycle through different states… not really asking a question at all, which explains the issues you’re having in making it do what you want - it’s not really designed to do this.

instead use a button to cycle through our states, like so:

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Thank you so much Mike! That’s a great solution! I got it worked out with a different workaround, but I like this approach also! :grin: I figured something involving buttons would make it more straightforward.

Ok! lemme know if you have any other questions.

I didn’t really explain much of what i did there but sounds like you got something working anyway!