Multiple Choice Affects Graph

Good day great people.

I have created an activity where the students will answer “solid/dashed” and “shade above/below” in a multiple choice question. As you can see in the graph, I also have put in a toggle switch the has the same effect. I just wanted to know if it is possible the when they actually select the choice in the MC part, the toggle will automatically move, or a way to not have the toggle anymore and just have the multiple choice part?

Thanks a lot for the help!


You can get rid of the toggles. Just set the variables for those sliders in the graph CL:

number(`s_1`): when choice11.isSelected(1) 8 otherwise 6
number(`s_2`): when choice12.isSelected(1) 8 otherwise 6
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Thank you! That worked!

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Follow-up. Is it possible for lines/shades to appear when the student makes a choice?

Like this?

number(`s_1`): when choice11.isSelected(1) 8 
when choice11.isSelected(2) 6 
otherwise 0
number(`s_2`): when choice12.isSelected(1) 8 
when choice11.isSelected(1) 6 
otherwise 0


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That worked! Thank you!

Basically any time you have some choices and you always want one displayed, your otherwise can be one of those options. If you don’t, your otherwise should be a condition that is not set for any of your choices.