Require movement on graph before button press

Hi all,
It is just not coming to me how I would accomplish what I want at least not something that will require me getting the coordinates for each point and comparing them to a starting value (I’m hoping someone has a simpler way).

I want students to have attempted, i.e. at least moved something, before pressing the button.

I would either like to hide the button until something has been moved or when the press the button and they haven’t moved anything, I give them a message that they need to attempt to fill in the blanks first.

As I have it right now, they could just press the check my answer 3 times and then see what they need to fill in and move on.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has any insight.

First, instead of using separate sets of coordinates for each picture, you can use a table. This is great for (in)finite cloners. You just have to long click the point circle icon next to the second column and you can set them to draggable. You then only need one line for each image. Here’s an example.

I also included a way to see if any points have been moved verifying the distance from the original setting. You could do that for each image set, create a sum of those. You could then hide your button if that sum =0. Or maybe <5 or whatever other number you feel is appropriate, so the button doesn’t show as soon as a point is moved even just a little. It would wait for points a total distance of 5 or more. Example for you button CL:

hidden: graph16.number(`T_{otal}`)>5

Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was wanting.

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