Can I make the correct CL as a solution for the question?

I have such a question: " Use substitution to solve the system of equation:**



I want to use the suffix to check their work but I don’t want to put the latex as correct = this.latex = “(0.2,4.8)”

because when a student enter a fraction or repeated decimal it will be incorrect

can I put it as a simple function in the cl for the question or make it a hidden graph component so desmos recognize when the student is putting a correct answer?

If it was specific to this question, I would’ve simplified a little, but instead generalized to any form of linear equation. There are not any safeguards against expressions, or error messages for wrong format. However, you can just change the equations in the input and have a fresh problem.
(Also, don’t know if you were just putting the format, but the coordinate pair you gave is not the solution to that system.)

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Many thanks this is exactly what i wanted