Check solution set with a button

Hello, I’d like to have my students check the solution set to a question when it’s of the form x={1/3. -2}. I understand the code for checking them as two separate things, but I want them to be in the practice of writing their answers as a solution set.

Any help would be appreciated!
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Desmos’ calculator doesn’t recognize this notation, so latex matching is your best bet. Most people type what they expect as an answer into a math input in preview mode, then copy-paste it into the CL. So for the above (I assume you intended a comma) I would use:

check= this.latex=`x=\left\{\frac{1}{3},-2\right\}`
correct: check

Using backticks instead of quotes will resolve any extra spaces. Latex matching is just more fragile than evaluative methods, but (unless there’s someone with a creative solution) there’s no way to finagle it to evaluate anything because of the notation.