Can only input half of a table element into a graphing element

Good afternoon,

I have a somewhat odd error. On one of my slide, I have a table, labeled table1. On the next slide I am trying to auto-populate a table on a graphing calc element with these table values so as to avoid my students some simple busywork. The code I have for this autopopulate is as follows:

numberList(“Y_1”): table1.columnNumericValues(2)
numberList(“X_1”): table1.columnNumericValues(1)

When I test this code, the y values auto populate with no problem, but the x values do not. Instead I get a error code that states “This column header cannot be defined elsewhere in the calculator”.

I con’t have any other computation running elsewhere, so I have no clue where else it could be defined. I grabbed the code from a activity that a colleague had setup, and it works fine for both columns. Any advice on what to tink to?

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 2.54.46 PM

This is only a problem for the first column of a table. If you name the first column x_1, and another column X_1, you should see your values.

Changing the name of the column seems to have no effect. I tried renaming both the table, and the CL and I am still having the same error.

The first column can’t refer to any other defined list or variable, so it won’t show your list X_1 content unless it is a different column.

Like this:

If you are having trouble finding the problem, would you be able to provide a link to the activity? Sometimes a second set of eyes can be helpful.

Oh, now I see what you mean! Hold on let me try on my end.

Okay, so when I incorporate your suggestion Daniel_Grubbs, it will now carry over the table into the graph no problem. First column is blank, next two columns are the data that students entered.

But this presents a new problem, how do I have the data table also be graphed as points in the graph window.

I suspect this is something I have yet to fully setup. As looking over the template activity I was using (slide 8 found here seems to have a few other steps I didn’t notice before. Whereas all my had was just an imported table from another slide (See slide 6, or 12. 1.1 Potential Energy Investigation (Mass, Gravity, & Energy) • Activity Builder by Desmos)

At the very least, I feel like I now know what I do not know. So progress, yay.

Ah, I figured it out. I scrolled down a bit more on my template activity. Found out how they structured and made it work.

Alright, so I know how to structure this correctly in the future. I don’t know why it works, but I can work on that part later.

For any two lists, if you want to graph them, just put them in coordinate notation.
Yours for example in the graph: