Can text input be carried over?

I know that math input from one slide can be carried over to future slides.

Is that possible to do with a text input of random length?

Yes, you can use text.content where text is the name of your component.

Great. Thank you! That worked perfectly.

Can someone walk me through this? I am new to CL.
I want text input to carry over to a different slide.

Here is a simple example.

This is not working for me.
I want to be able to copy their text inputs from all of there slides into one big response page at the end.
Is this possible?

Thank you in advance!!

Each text input needs to have a unique name, then you can use the code shared by @cwinske but change “text” to whatever your input’s name is. I think your main error here is naming your components with just a number. I believe they need to start with a letter to be valid.

BTW, your errors on slides 8 and 10 are because your text isn’t surrounded by quotes. On slide 9, the hidden: sink only takes true or false (or a conditional that results in true or false). It also looks like there is still no CL for Geometry components. On slide 16, if you want to reference components on a different slide, that component must have a unique name.

I am sorry but I still don’t understand.
I am typing text.content,
But what is the rest of the CL?

My plan is to name all the text input components text1, text2, etc.
And then on the last page I would like there to be a table where whatever the text they typed in is copied into the table so that they can see
Page 2 answer:
Page 3 answer:

and so on.

Thank you in advance!

If you type “text.content”, desmos searches for a component named “text” to pull the content from. If there is no component with that name, you’ll get an error. You’ll need to use “text1.content”, “text2.content”, etc once you name your components.

In a note CL, you could have something like:

"Page 2 answer: ${text2.content}
Page 3 answer: ${text3.content}

For a table:

cellContent(1,2): text1.content
cellContent(2,2): text2.content