Student input pulled to the next slide?

Is it possible to have students type responses in input boxes on slides and then have another slide that summarizes what they wrote? For example, the student inputs two different fractions into two different input boxes on Slide 1, and then the same on Slide 2, can Slide 3 pull all 4 fractions from the previous slide? Thanks in advance.

You can access any input from other components in different slides. The input components just have to have unique names.
In a note, for example:

content: "You entered ${input1a.latex} and ${input1b.latex} on Slide 1, 
and ${input2a.latex} and ${input2b.latex} on Slide 2.

(If it doesn’t format the way you want, try putting backticks around each ${ }.)

Ok, so I think I understand what you are saying, however I tried to do what you said and it didn’t work. I’m new to using the code and trying more advanced things when creating desmos slides. Can you explain it in more layman’s terms or give me a more step-by-step of how to do this? Thank you so much!

input1a, input1b, input2a, and input2b are just names I made up for the components. It might look like this:

When grabbing information from other components, you need the name of the component and what type of information that is. If you have the same name for two different components, Desmos gets confused what you’re asking for (like calling on “Anthony” in class, but you’ve got three of them).

How you’re using that information (e.g. putting it in a table, a graph, a note) will alter how you need to “call” on it, but many times you need to use ${ }.

Can you share your activity, so I can check where the issue might be?

Does this only work if it was a math answer box versus a text box?

This works for most any type of component. To get student input from a math input:
yourInputName.latex grabs the student’s input in latex format, or yourInputName.numericValue grabs a number value (whether it’s a single number or an expression like 3*4+6).

For text input, use yourInputName.content. Again, say you were putting it in a note:

content: "You answered: ${yourInputName.content} on Slide 2."

I tried your sugestion, and am still a bit unsure…
In this activity I wanted the contents of the text input box on slide 6 to also show up in the text box for slide 7. Is this possible?activity

For input boxes, there is initialText (for text inputs) and initialLatex (for math inputs):

initialText:  input1.content