Challenge Creator - available?

Hello Everyone,

Are the Challenges/Make a Challenge a discontinued feature in Desmos? I see lots of different ones out there but when I go to copy/edit the option to change anything is greyed out and I don’t see the functionality to create one from scratch when making a new activity.

For reference, I mean activities like this :

This is what I see on the edit end of things:

Thank you in advance!


It’s a proprietary feature. Not everyone has access to it.

Does that mean only employees have access to it or is it something that can be paid for? Or is given to districts that have a desmos subscription for their curricula materials?

Hey Bryan!

Access to challenge creator editing is restricted to Team Desmos with the exception of a small group of people (e.g. Desmos Fellows). Access is not currently a paid feature and there are no plans to make it one in the future.

Hey Jay,

Thanks for the reply - good to know. How does one make it into the Desmos Fellows group? Are they the official beta testers of cool and new upcoming features?

Also - on an unrelated note, I took a peak into your “getting wordy” activity and it was super cool, opening the dictionary crashes my browser tab more often than not (due to massive list size for desmos), but from the brief glances I’ve had did you just convert words into a numbered system based on letter? i.e letter “a” converts to 01, “b” to 02 and so on? And then the resultant 10 digit number is actually a five letter word?

The only thing I didn’t see is where it actually undoes that conversion. (is that hidden away in the challenge creater cl code?) Just curious! :slight_smile:


We hope to have Fellowship opportunities in the future! Are you signed up for the interest form? We’ll be sure to update folks who completed that form, and also share the news on social media.

As for “Getting Wordy”, you’re totally correct! The function that parses the 10 digit number is in the “key” folder. and basically just separates the single number into 5 numbers like this

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