Challenge Creator - guides/videos

Now that Challenge Creator has been made available to all, are there any short videos demonstrating how to use it?

Additionally, and sorry to put two questions in one post, what is the best way to “Preview” the full experience?

When I preview I can experience what it is like to be the creator of the challenge but I cannot then see a way to pretend to be another student attempting the challenge, nor can I preview what other students’ responses look like on the creator’s screen.

Great questions!

  1. Yes, there are some videos on the way. We’ve also included a guide in the latest CL newsletter The Desmos Guide to Building Great Challenge Creators

  2. Creating a class code and simulating different students is the only way to see a completed dashboard. But given that the last step in challenge creation is to solve your own challenge, unchecking the “creator skips response step” option will allow you to preview the response experience. Once completed, you can click into your own challenge to view your thumbnail which will be similar to that of all responders.

Thanks Jay - glad that there are videos on the way (I also liked the guide you put together but I am looking for something that I could easily share for people who have maybe never seen a Challenge before and could benefit from a 1-2 minute intro.)

Good solution to (2) - I hadn’t realised that this also allows you to see a response thumbnail, not just the challenge thumbnail, but I can see now that it does.