Changing the color of a polygon created from NumberList

I have a polygon being created from a table using NumberList.

In the CL I have:

And in the graph I have:

When I edit the graph, I am not able to change the color of the polygon. It shows the orange triangle, and it says a polygon cannot be made from 2 numbers. The polygon appears as the student enters the values into the table, and everything works as it is intended to even though the caution shows up, but I want to be able to change the color when editing the graph.

I am adapting this activity from someone else, and they already had the colors set for that activity.

Edit the graph, add some more numbers to the lists X and Y, and then the polygon will appear and you will be able to edit its colour and other properties.

Whatever you put in X and Y will be overwritten as soon as it’s part of the activity, so you don’t need to worry about a rogue polygon being there.

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Thanks for the help! The solution seemed so obvious after reading what you wrote. Instead of adding more, I actually removed the X and Y so it was a blank polygon function. The colored triangle appeared, so I was able to change the color. Then I added the X and Y back, the orange caution appeared again, but the chosen color remained selected for that polygon.

I am embarrassed to think about all the time I spent trying to figure it out with the CL component that I didn’t even think about the obvious fix.

Thanks again!