Changing the Text Color in a Note

Is there a way to set text color in a note using CL? For example, I want the coordinates for the moveable orange point to be orange in the note.

thanks in advance

No. There is no styling available in notes at all except for math using the f(x) button and ALL CAPS which should of course be used sparingly.

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This question and answer is almost two years old. Has the answer changed?
I would like to change the text color in my notes that appear after a response by students.

when blah
Change color here
when blah2
a different color here

No, you still can’t style anything in Desmos CL. However, you can copy-paste things from this site for example, which does allow you to type in your own text and copy it in various formats, like italic, bold, and a variety of fonts, as well as symbols and emojis.

(I have no association with, it was just suggested in another thread, and I continue to use it.)

Thanks for your input and thanks for the quick reply. I wanted to get this out to my students for Monday morning…

Slight workaround is to use math type instead of text, perhaps for shorter strings.

"The common difference in an \\textcolor{green}{arithmetic}``\\textcolor{green}{sequence} represents the constant difference of any term and the previous term.

Use the representations of the \\textcolor{green}{arithmetic}``\\textcolor{green}{sequence} to find the common difference."


The caveat is that it doesn’t play well with screen readers.

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Thanks guys, for the help!

If you want to use a different color, you can just type it in word. Set it the color you want, then cut and paste it.