Text color interrupted by key math phrases

Hello all,
I am trying to color code some keywords in my activity in a note.
I am using the following coding: \\textcolor{red}{text}. However, in certain words, the coding is picking out key math input phrases and separating them from the rest of the word. For example in bisector, it is picking up “sec” and making the word awkwardly spaced like bi sec tor. Does anyone know a way around this?

What kind of component is it in? If it’s a math input or math in a table, switch to text. If you need it in math, \textcolor may only work with latex and you might not be able to fix that, but maybe typing as though it’s a subscript?

It is in a note component.

This may not be the answer you want to hear, but this isn’t something you should be doing much of, simply from an Accessibility point of view. Since only Latex will accept color coding, the text you’re rendering in an equation isn’t really text per se - screen readers will not be able to understand it for example.

This is the reason you’re having issues as it’s kind of bending an equation to at least sort of look like text when it isn’t really text. Desmos uses keyword shortcuts to for equations and you’re getting the undesired equation results because of that,

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Thank you for the insight!

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