Check Equation Entry with Subscripts


I am using Desmos to teacher physics. We have a lot of equations with subscripts.

I drafted this activity to check an equation entry into a table. I am trying to get the table to say it is correct if adding the two variables (i.e. V_1+V_2). I got it to work without subscripts (a+b) but not with the subscripts.


Here is the activity I am working on.

You need to change the variables in the equation for c1. It was looking for a and b instead of V_1 and V_2.

c1 = simpleFunction('V_1 + V_2','V_1', 'V_2')

A follow-up to this. There is some strangeness with simpleFunction and variables with subscripts longer than a single character. In the equation description, the subscript needs to be surrounded in { }, while the variable definitions should not:

area = simpleFunction(`l_{ength}*w_{idth}`, `l_ength`, `w_idth`)

@Aaron_Osowiecki , if you want specific variables used by students in their expressions, those are what should be defined in your functions.

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Thanks so much. I got it working, even with longer subscripts.

That is super helpful!

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