Writing Equations

So I know it isn’t elegant but I developed a slide that I’ve used for students writing certain types of equations and then needing to provide the solution for the variable. HOWEVER, I recently found an issue where a number with a comma in will cause the problem to register incorrectly.

Question: Is there some issue with using the parse equation and there being a comma in one of the numbers in the expression?

Here’s a link to the slide in question: Addition Equation

Thanks for your time.

Desmos doesn’t always parse numbers with commas. For example, if you try graphing y=1,200x in the graphing calculator, it thinks you are trying to type an ordered pair. I don’t know if there’s a workaround, but you could set an errorMessage if the equation is undefined.

equation = parseEquation(this.latex)

   when isUndefined(equation) "Enter an equation without commas."
   otherwise ""
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