Check for correctness for coordinates in table

I am trying to have my students identify several ordered pairs at one time in a table.

I found this code:
checkX= numericValue(parseOrderedPair(this.cellContent(1,2)).x)=3
checkY= numericValue(parseOrderedPair(this.cellContent(1,2)).y)=1
cellContent(1,3): when checkX and checkY “:white_check_mark:” otherwise “?”

but it won’t let me use it for multiple points in my table.

I don’t fully understand how CL works so I am pulling from other’s resources and cannot figure out what to do to fix it.

I don’t think there’s a way to easily parse multiple ordered pairs from a single input. Here’s a screen from an activity where I just used multiple rows in the table for student input.

To give you some more specific help, this code will work for a one column, three row table where the third row gives feedback.

point1 = parseOrderedPair(this.cellContent(1,1))
point2 = parseOrderedPair(this.cellContent(2,1))

check1 = (numericValue(point1.x)=3 and numericValue(point1.y)=1) or (numericValue(point1.x)=2 and numericValue(point1.y)=0)
check2 = (numericValue(point2.x)=3 and numericValue(point2.y)=1) or (numericValue(point2.x)=2 and numericValue(point2.y)=0)

cellContent(3,1): when check1 and check2 "✅" otherwise "❓"

cellEditable(3,1): false

You could easily adjust this if you want the ordered pairs put in extra columns instead of extra rows, so let me know if you would like some help adjusting this to make it work for you.

Not sure if this is what your are looking for or not, but here is something similar that I use: