Correct table of values

I am trying set the “correct” sink for when this table is filled out correctly. I have done stuff like this before and am not sure why this one has a dot instead of a check when correct values are entered. If someone could help me out with this CL it would be much appreciated. Thank you.
The code I have is here:

first = table4.cellNumericValue(1,2)
second = table4.cellNumericValue(2,2)
third = table4.cellNumericValue(3,2)
fourth = table4.cellNumericValue(4,2)
fifth = table4.cellNumericValue(5,2)

correct: (first = -3) and
(second = -1) and
(third = 1) and
(fourth = 3) and
(fifth = 5)

You need readOnly: true in your graph CL.

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how do you do that with ordered pairs? Like to have each cell of the table have an ordered pair in it?

If you’re checking ordered pairs I’d change the initial variables like this:
first = parseOrderedPair(table4.cellContent(1,2))

then for checking (for (3,2) in this case):
correct: (first.x = 3 and first.y = 2) and...

Thanks for a quick reply. That makes more sense than what I have seen. Right now I have this:

first = parseOrderedPair(table1.cellContent(1,2))

check1= (first.x = 6 and first.y = 3)

when check1 “:white_check_mark:” otherwise “:x:

it tells me that “check1=” is wrong and “when check1” is wrong. I only half understand CL, so I am trying to piece this together.

Doing this should fix it:

check1= (numericValue(first.x) = 6 and numericValue(first.y) = 3)

Perfect! Thank you!!