Check for correctness


I am creating an activity and would like to require my students to have the right answer in order to continue. I am not sure how to code this.

For example, if I ask them to compute a limit, I want them to not be able to move on to the following slide until they have gotten the correct answer.

Here’s my activity:

Thank you!

So far there is no way to prevent students from advancing through CL.

My best advice for how to emulate this would be to set up a correctness sink on that component. Then, when running the class you can monitor the dashboard for how many students got the limit correctly, while pacing the class to prevent them from advancing. You can then make a decision when to un-pace the class - maybe after having a class discussion.

Another way we do this is by providing verbal or graph feedback to the student on “submission”. This doesn’t prevent the student from advancing, but can let them know whether they got the question correctly.

You can prevent students from proceeding. Here is a demo of such a case.

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