Help with Dashboard issue with Activity

Not sure why this isn’t working and giving me a checkmark in the dashboard. Everything is read only but hidden Table which accurately indicates if the student was correct. Student feedback is also good. Not sure if code is simply bad or if I misunderstand something about the CL in general when it comes to the dashboard.

From what I see, it seems like it should work. When things like this don’t, you might just need a separate correct: sink for each multiple choice instead of all the readOnly’s.

OK. Thanks. Because they are random problems and students have different solution paths I would need to do a bit more coding. Will keep this in mind in the future. Worked around it by putting a results table at the end.

So you might just add to each MC:

correct: CorrectCheck17.script.correct=1

(and possibly make the table readOnly: true?)

Yes, it was the table itself that caused problems. Didn’t think about calling the correct from another component. Actually I wanted to do this with the main screen CL but you cannot call on that.

I think possibly the correct sink only activates if the component has been interacted with, and that’s why it didn’t work.

That makes sense. My latest activity came out a lot better keeping this in mind