Check for mixed number in Table

I’m needing to check if the value entered in a table cell is a mixed number.
The correct answer I’m looking for is 2 ⅓
Here’s what I have so far:

cellDisableEvaluation(1,1): true

*I found the following to work in a math input, but it won’t in a table.

checkMixed = countNumberUsage(answer.latex,2)=2 and countNumberUsage(answer.latex,)=1 and countNumberUsage(answer.latex,3)=1

Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Since row1a is a numericValue, you might need to put backticks for it to work. Or since it’s numericValue, it might be a decimal in that form, unlike cellContent.


Actually, displaying a numericValue as a string will always be a single number.

cell content is : 1/2+5
row1a = 5.5
${row1a} = 5.5

If you want to use what the student typed, use cellContent

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I’ve tried it both ways, but unfortunately I can’t get either to work. Other suggestions?

#checks for mixed number of 2 1/3
mixed1a=countNumberUsage(`row1a`,2)=1 and countNumberUsage(`row1a`,1)=1 and countNumberUsage(`row1a`,3)=1

Here’s the screen:

countNumberUsage needs latex input (i.e. table.cellContent(1,1)). You’re still using row1a which is equivalent to the cellNumericValue, which is a decimal. It should work if you do this:


If a student puts in 2 1/3

table.cellNumericValue(1,1) = 2.3333333...


table.cellContent(1,1)= `2\frac{1}{3}`

Got it! Thanks for y’all’s help!
I changed the row1a to cellContent, but also needed to remove the row1a in the countNumberUsage


mixed1a=countNumberUsage(table.cellContent(1,1),2)=1 and countNumberUsage(table.cellContent(1,1),1)=1 and countNumberUsage(table.cellContent(1,1),3)=1

After changing row1a, you didn’t need to remove it from countNumberUsage, since it’s now cellContent.