Having multiple correct answers

I am trying to code a table to give me the check on the summary when students write 2.5 or 5/2

I wrote
correct:this.cellContent(1,1)=“2.5” or “\{5}.{2}”

But the or is the problem

This is my whole code right now

correct:this.cellContent(1,1)=“2.5” or “\{5}.{2}”
initialCellContent(1,1): “0”
cellEditable(1,1):when not(graph41.number(“P_{resscount}”)=1) TRUE otherwise FALSE

Hey Elyse!

Ditching the string check and using cellNumericValue instead will allow you to accept correct answers in any form

correct: this.cellNumericValue = 2.5 will give you a check mark for any mathematical input that evalulates to 2.5