Check on Infinite Problem Creator

I love this activity (Infinite Derivatives Power Rule with Check • Activity Builder by Desmos) and I was trying to edit the type of questions given, but each time I do by making it only {g1} or {g1}+${g3}, it will not check correctly. I cannot find how the computational layer is checking the problem. I have included the original script and the second screen I wanted to make it more simple by just having two terms both be with positive integers.

I understand that I am probably looking at the math answer box CL, which reads like this:


suffix: when this.script.correct and this.submitted “:white_check_mark:” when this.submitted “:x:” otherwise “”

correct= k<0.0000001

correct: correct

I am missing something with “this.script.correct.”

Thanks for any help given.

When you say this, where/how are you editing?

The graph is taking absolute value of the difference between the actual derivative, p’(x), and the student input, evaluated at x-values in the list, c_k. The total of these should be near zero.

If you only changed in the note CL, or the graph itself, it won’t function properly.

Thank you!
I kept looking in the CL of the graph, but just kept looking over the actual graph part as to being a part of it. I knew I was missing something.
This fixed it easily. Thank you for taking the time to help!

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