Check students' equations in a table - Mark correct for teacher dashboard?

Hello! I would like the teacher dashboard to show if students have entered correct equations into a table.

I have set it up to check the equations at certain values, but I can’t get the dashboard to show the correct message.

Here’s the example Check table of equations Activity

And here’s the code I was trying:
check1= simpleFunction(f).evaluateAt(0)=128 and simpleFunction(f).evaluateAt(1)=132

check2= simpleFunction(g).evaluateAt(0)=128 and simpleFunction(g).evaluateAt(1)=128

check3= simpleFunction(h).evaluateAt(0)=128 and simpleFunction(h).evaluateAt(1)=64

correct: check1 and check2 and check3

Didn’t look at the code, but common problem is your graph needs to have:

readOnly: true

Hm I definitely already have that, it’s the code I’m asking about not the graph.

It’s check2: evaluateAt(1) should = 124