Checking correct equation in math input

Hello, I am a novice to CL.
I have been looking through activities and trying to find videos for checking equations in math input and am overwhelmed with different equations.

I am doing a simple activity with my 7th graders for proportional relationships. I am trying to check their equation for a table (I added as an image).
Here is the activity:

Can someone also please share any resource, activity or video that might help in the future?
I plan on doing something like this for 8th grade and writing equations from tables.

Thank you!

There are many ways to check if this screen is correct, but here’s one strategy that’s pretty straightforward.

# Create a function based on the student's input
studentFn = simpleFunction(this.latex)

# Would this new function create your table?
allCorrect = 
  studentFn.evaluateAt(2) = 4 and
  studentFn.evaluateAt(1) = 2 and
  studentFn.evaluateAt(7) = 14 and
  studentFn.evaluateAt(5) = 10
correct: allCorrect

Here’s a link to a copy of your activity where you can see this in action.


Thank you!
Is there any video resource that further explains this? I’d like to learn more on this for future activities where students have to enter equations for a given table, graph, and/or description.

Isabel, are some videos on using different correct checks, including the function evaluation method shown here.
Correct checks (part 1)
Correct checks (part 2)
Correct checks (part 3)