Check when draggable point is inside a circle

I want to create a check for when the student has correctly placed the elements inside the Venn diagram on the graph. I created a graph with a Venn diagram and movable points. How can I create a check based on areas rather than one location?

It depends a bit on whether you want just a complete check at the end for all the points at once or if you want each draggable point to kind of get checked as you go.

Use the distance function between the point and the circle center less than the radius. Maybe a check for each circle. Output different values for being correct (1,2,4). Then you can use the totals to determine correctness.
Only A=1, only B=2, only C=4.
A&B=3, A&C=5, B&C=6, All three =7.

Here’s an example:

Here is a sample of a couple of ideas based on @ohmalley’s original question.

Updated activity…thanks for the help everyone!