Checking Correctness for Draggable points in graph

I am working on an activity where students are completing ratio tables and then plotting ordered pairs in a graph. I am making the ratio tables self-checking and I would like to do the same for the graphs. Ideally, I would like students to drag the points on the graph to match the tables, click a button, and then provide feedback in a note. I would also like the teacher dashboard to be marked correct also. I am not sure how or if this can be accomplished. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Here is a link to my activity:

*slides 3 and 6 are where I am totally stuck

I edited slide 5 to check the graph and provide brief feedback based on a button click. The majority of the work is found in the graph in the newly created folder. Basically, I created a list of the correct x and y values and the ones created by the student after graphing. Then I found the difference between each value in the lists. You can copy the work over to any other slide that has 4 ordered pairs, just adjust the List1x and List1y values to include the correct values. Everything else should work as the same.

Thank you so much! This is great!

Any chance you could look at my first two slides? For some reason my checking of x’s and y’s is incorrect. however it is working later in the assignment for the drag and drop lines but doesn’t work for the first wo polygons . Any suggestions?Drag and drop with self check for translations

I noticed that on the first slide, the elements of the lists were being subtracted from each other, but 5 elements were being subtracted. Since there were only 4 elements in the list, the fifth difference was coming up undefined. If you delete that part, it should work.

Alternatively, this might be a more efficient way to do the same job.