Checking a Table with pi

Hello! I am trying to make a self checking desmos. I want the second back in the second column to be 2000pi but it is marking it as incorrect. Help!

The table uses (row,colum)
thus all your references to the table should be (1,column).
Example from the note for feedback should read

feedback =

table.cellNumericValue(1,1)= 2 and
table.cellNumericValue(1,2)>=6283.1 and table.cellNumericValue(1,2)<6283.2 and
table.cellNumericValue(1,3)= 0 and
table.cellNumericValue(1,4)= 0
and button.pressCount>0 “:star2::tada:Great job!!:tada::star2:

I fixed that part, but it still saying my responses are incorrect. The table should be 2, 2000pi, 0, and 0

Never mind its fixed! Thank you!