Checking an inequality

Hi -
I am working on an activity where students enter 3x+4<=2(x+7)-3 and if they enter any version of that, I want it to be counted as correct. What is the best way to achieve this?

When you say “any version of that,” do you mean any equivalent version (i.e. 3x+4 ≤ 2x+11 and x ≤ 7), or just 3x+4 ≤ 2(x+7)-3 and 2(x+7)-3 ≥ 3x+4?

I don’t want them to go as far as x≤7 but they could give 3x+4 ≤ 2(x+7)-3 and 2(x+7)-3 ≥ 3x+4, 3x+4≤2x+14-3, 3x+4≤2x+11, 2(x+7)-3 ≥ 3x+4, 2x+14-3 ≥ 3x+4

Try Slide 6 here:

You may want to hide the graph component, but hopefully it’s a good start for you.