Evaluating inequalities

The first slide on this activity has students writing an inequality. It is coded to read the inequality and interpret it on the graph. This means that there is a way to register inequalities.

This one is able to check that an inequality is correct.

The problem I am running into is this: I just want students to express a domain in inequality notion. I am wanting them to write it in an input box if possible, and check that for correctness. I know I can manually write in something like “solution1=#<x<#” but the problem is that if they dont write it exactly as I have it entered then it is read as incorrect. Dealing with the code embedded with graphs gets me lost, so I am stuck and not sure what to do. Been trying to figure this one out for a long time. I figured I’d ask one more time before letting this problem go.

Will this help?Inequality Check • Activity Builder by Desmos

I will have to look deeper into what youve written but this looks great!

How do you change what is correct. I tried messing with the code some, but I cant seem to change what numbers it registers as correct