Checking Area Between Two Functions

I have a teacher with an activity where she wants students to write an integral that accurately gives the area between two functions on a graph. She had it set up as a latex check but wants to get it to check similar to a polynomial graph we’ve done (screen 2) that picked 3 points to check equivalence.
Screen 2 is what we’ve used for the polynomial check, screen 3 is what she tried to edit this year for calculus and screens 4-7 are what she used last year with the latex. Any help could be appreciated!

I’m not sure simpleFunction can parse integrals, so trying to adapt the same approach as for the polynomial is probably not going to work.

That having been said, your integral is definite and evaluates to a single value (rather than a function), so you could just compare numericValue to the correct answer and to check the LaTeX against the key as before.

That makes sense - thanks!