Checking Checkboxes


I have an activity that I made, and I am struggling adapting it to a checkbox input. I need help with slides 10 and 14. Each slide tells the students if they were correct or not when they hit Submit, and the table at the end also shows their correctness.

Checkbox Help

You already have the check variable on slide 10 set up correctly. You can type cb8.script.check to use that in the feedback note on slide 10 and the table on slide 14.

In more detail -

  1. Note on slide 10
when (cb8.submitted and cb8.script.check) "Your answer is correct!"
when cb8.submitted "Your answer is incorrect! Try again!"
otherwise ""
  1. Table on 14
cellContent(8,2): when cb8.script.check "✅" otherwise "❌"

Thank you! I have done that and it seems to fix slide 14 (the table) but something is still wrong with slide 10. I do not have a “Submit” button. I think I have missed something.

Try adding showSubmitButton: True in the script for the checkbox component.