Correct Check for Numeric Value

I am brand new to CL and am trying to take another teacher’s activity and have students see “Correct!” or “Incorrect. Try again!” when submitting a value. I tried using code from Jennifer White’s self-checking slides, but can’t get it to work with my existing activity.

Here’s my activity:

Would love some help! I feel like it should be easy, but just can’t get it to work.

Which slide? Where do you want it to say correct/incorrect?

Some basics. You’ll need to name the input component in order to refer to it in another component. For myself, I do a standard whatever type of component it is and the slide number (Ex: Input5, or Graph2).

To change the content of a note based on a submitted answer, I’d do something like this:

#this is a little trick if you want to copy slides, so you only need to change component names in one place
content: when input.submitted
#I’m nesting conditionals so it’ll only check when the submit button is clicked
(when input.numericValue=20 “:+1:Correct!”
otherwise “:warning:Incorrect. Try again.”)
otherwise “Your instructions.”

Also note if you’re checking numericValue from the input it needs to be set to Math input not Text.

Thanks! I figured it out about 10 minutes after sending this. It was the “Math input” and not text that was causing issues.

Appreciate it!