Self check drag and drop

First, thank you to everyone who has asked and answered questions here. It has been so helpful for my CL journey.
I am trying to make a drag and drop activity in a graph for a two-way frequency table. I have used code from a couple of different activities I found and adjusted as needed (I thought). I would like the students to be able to check their answer once they have put the answers into the table. I do get the correct response when the answers are correct, but I also get the same response when I switch some of the answers around. Specifically it happens when I switch the placement of the 7 and the 41, among other placements. Here is the slide I am working on. Thank you in advance for your help.

Copy and paste this graph link into one of the expression lines in your previous one and everything should work as intended. I’m sure there was a more efficient way of doing this with lists, but I thought checking individual points first would make troubleshooting a bit easier.

Thank you for your help!

And thank you for the suggestion to just copy the link. It worked perfectly!